Criminal Law

Being accused of a criminal offense can be a terrifying experience for anyone. Whether you have been accused of a relatively minor misdemeanor offense or a serious felony offense it is crucial that you get started on your defense immediately. You have numerous rights as an accused, chief among them the right to counsel. With over three decades of experience in the courtroom, I will aggressively defend you and your rights throughout the prosecution of your case.

Criminal Law

Your Rights as an Accused

The United States Constitution guarantees each of us a number of rights as an accused in a criminal prosecution. Some of the most important rights you have include:

  • Right to remain silent – never speak to the police without consulting with an attorney first.
  • Right against self-incrimination – you cannot be forced to say anything that could incriminate yourself.
  • Right to confront witnesses against you – you have a right to know who is accusing you of a crime and the right to question your accusers.
  • Right to counsel – you have a right to an attorney at all stages of a criminal prosecution.

Your Constitutional rights are powerful; however, you must assert your rights for them to protect you. I will zealously defend you throughout the prosecution of your criminal case, should the need arise.

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