Child Protective (CPS) Cases

Have your children been taken by Child Protective Services? I can help.

Parents can find themselves caught in a legal web. Their children have been taken by the authorities and parents face charges of child abuse, neglect, or possibly abandonment.

Court appearances can be confusing and things move quickly in CPS court. Don’t let yourself be under-represented. I have extensive experience representing parents who face long-term separation from their children or possibly termination of their parental rights. I have represented parents in the Centex Child Protective Court located in Belton, Texas, as well as in similar courts in other counties.

Child Protective Cases

You need to know your rights. You have the right to legal representation of your own choosing. You have the right to fair hearings and in many cases the right to a jury trial.

You may not know who to trust in these cases. The CPS caseworker and the county attorneys do not represent you. And in many cases, they are at odds with what you know and believe is best for your children.

CPS may want to take permanent custody of your children or place your children with another family by terminating your rights entirely. You may have to fight to keep your family together.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, don’t lose hope. Give me a call at 254-933-1411. You’ll be glad you did. You can count on me.

I will provide representation in CPS cases for the following Texas counties: Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, Milam, Williamson, McLennan, and Travis.