Be Ye Kind One to Another

THE TEXAS LAWYER’S CREED is an order of the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals issued to govern the conduct of Texas lawyers. It states, among other things, that:

A lawyer shall employ all appropriate means to advance the client’s legitimate rights. A lawyer is to advise his or her client that civility and courtesy are expected and not a sign of weakness. The client has no right to instruct the lawyer to refuse reasonable requests made by the other lawyer.

A lawyer owes opposing counsel, and the court, courtesy, candor, and cooperation in the conduct of litigation. Ill feelings between clients shall not influence a lawyer’s conduct toward opposing counsel.

A lawyer will always treat counsel, opposing parties, the Court, and Court staff with courtesy and civility.

One lawyer summarizes the Creed with the beatitude, “Be ye kind one to another.” Robert Pelton, Ethics & the Law, Voice for the Defense, January/February 2014